GMRS Radio Mount


As drawn - I borrowed the FJR emblem from somewhere on the web and just traced the vectors in the CAD drawing.

I'd be willing to bet that an awful lot of reservoirs have the same dimension and distance between the screw holes. 
The FJR reservoir looks identical to my Connie's reservoir.

Anyone who would like a copy of the CAD file, just drop me a note at

Fresh out of the home CNC mill.

I really need to buy a small sheet metal brake but the bend is not too bad.
The round hole serves no particular purpose except to hang a spare Corona from.
The rectangular hole catches the end of the radio's belt clip.
The slot is for a zip tie to fasten excess wire for now.

Fits like a glove on the reservoir. I replaced the screws with some M4 x 20 (M4 x 16 would have been nicer)

What can I say ? I like it so far.
If you want a Harley model, I'm sure you could chrome it :)

No comments on the dirty bike please. He's getting a bath shortly.

Updated: August 07, 2006