Experiments with Powder Coating

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The process is pretty simple. Check YouTube for some good videos.
  • Get your air pressure down to around 5-10 PSI, 
  • Heat the work piece with the hot air gun for about 30 seconds with the heat on High
  • Blow on some powder
  • Apply more heat until the powder becomes glossy and flows out.
  • Keep a vacuum running or do it outside. And wear a proper face mask or respirator. Getting the powder in your lungs is pretty nasty. It will fly all over the place when you hit it with the hot air gun.

When you're done, you can bake the work piece in a toaster oven ( not one that you cook in ). Temperature and times will depend on the powder. I don't bother as my work pieces are just decorative and won't be subject to any abuse. 

To get a really nice, smooth finish, I wet sand and then polish and buff. I also experiment with multiply colours. Wet sand part way through the top colour into the colour below. Or, apply your main colour, spray a border in a contrasting colour, and then wet sand the top to remove the over spray from the border colour. Maybe apply some clear.

On some multi-part pieces, I will coat each of them separately, then assemble them, and then heat and blow on a couple coats of clear to bind them all together. That's how I did the piece at the top of this page and the maple leaf at the bottom

This is all you need :

  • Small box to contain and vacuum away the excess powder

  • Air brush

  • Heat gun

  • Selection of powders

I bought the gun, a small selection of powder, and a few spare containers from luremaking.com in Ontario. My brother does a bit of larger size powder coating and had a good selection of powders so I "borrowed" a few from him.


Updated: June 23, 2012