Sherline Mill Vacuum System


Oil was messy, oil based coolant was better but, unless you flood the job, the chips often just clump together and mess up the finish of the surface you're cutting. 

I liked the use of a vacuum but holding it got boring very quickly. So, I bought some square tubing and some 3/4" Loc-Line. Then drill and thread the aluminum tubing, make up a couple of end-caps, buy some 1.50" tubing and a used domestic canister vacuum ( and some ear plugs), and you're done.

I find that I'm often fiddling with the placement of the nozzles and will add one more. Narrow deep cuts are the toughest to keep clear.

When the cutting is all done it sure is a lot smaller mess to clean up.

My next addition, after the 3rd vacuum line, is to add a compressed air line to blow the chips out of those deep narrow cuts. See the article at Omikron's web site.