Saddlebag Lock Screws


Loose saddlebag lock screws seem to be a fairly common problem. Unattended, the loss of both screws on one lock could be a major problem. Fortunately, the cure is cheap.

The factory screws are T-10 Torx head screws. With a twist. They have a tiny post  in the center which makes them "Tamper Resistant" Torx head screws. 

Wikipedia says "A version known as Security TORX, Tamper-Resistant TORX (often shortened to Torx TR), or pin-in-Torx contains a post in the center of the head that prevents a standard TORX driver (or a straight screwdriver) from being inserted."

You can't help but wonder; why would Yamaha put a tamper proof screw on the inside of a locked container...

After a lot of searching around, I just walked a few minutes from home and found just what I needed at the neighbourhood builders supply store. They simple labeled the box as "Torx w / hole."

Once you get the screw all the way out, put a small drop of Locktite on it, and back in she goes.

You might want to consider substituting a Philips head screw or a Button Head Cap Screw in place of the Torx head screw. If you do, you'll be looking to buy an M3 x 6 mm screw.

 Updated October 29, 2008